Peer Coaching

"What started as a one-year project in a Flagstaff district has spread across many Arizona districts as a recognized 'program that works' and has created a culture of collaborative impact on classroom practice. The Peer Coaching program is helping to sustain the large investments made in educational technology and teacher training in the past three years and to assure our children receive a first-class 21st Century education."   Cathy Poplin,  Former Deputy Associate Superintendent of Educational Technology in the Arizona Department of Education

Peer Coaching is a highly collaborative professional development experience that assists teacher leaders to develop the skills they need to coach colleagues to offer students technology rich, 21st-Century learning activities.

Peer Coaches learn critical skills in communication, lesson design, and technology integration. Research and experience show coaches need these skills to be successful as they work with colleagues.

Peer Coaching was supported by Microsoft's Partners in Learning which fostered its expansion to over 40 countries and more than seven states in the US.

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Teachers learn better together.